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Are Your Eyes Truly The Windows To Your Soul?

...The Universe... Posted on Fri, March 10, 2017 02:43:24

When I look in someone’s eyes. I see two galaxys.

If you already know that every galaxy has a black hole in it’s center,
then maybe you now already can understand my perspective.

So if you think of a galaxy and look in someone’s eye,
you see a black hole in the center of a galaxy filled with stars.

Ever wondered why someone’s eyes can “twinkle” ?
It’s the stars in the eyes that are reflecting the light within!

Look In My Eyes, What Do You See? There Are Two Galaxys Inside Of Me!

...The Universe... Posted on Fri, March 10, 2017 02:33:32

Kijk in mijn ogen, wat zie je daar?
Twee sterrenstelsels in mij, echt waar!

What Wil Happen When Andromeda And Our Galaxy The Milky Way Meet?

...The Universe... Posted on Wed, February 22, 2017 01:30:26

Scientists say that in de far future, the galaxy known as Andromeda and our galaxy known as The Milky Way will meet.

Ok, if that is the thruth, what will happen and what will the outcome be?

Will they collide and move different ways?
Will they collide and fuse with eachother, and then go different ways?

Or wil they fuse together, period?
But is that possible?

Within the center of each galaxy is a black hole.
Some say black holes are gateways to another universe.

Do the blackholes from Andromeda and Milky Way have the same power?
In other words, could it be possible for Andromeda to suck Milky Way in her black hole? Or can it be the other way around? Milky Way sucking Andromeda in her black hole.

Well, if one galaxy goes through the other galaxys black hole,
the outer-universe for Andromeda or Milky Way will change.