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J Is The Name And Creativity Is My Game!!!

Why This Blog? To Share My Thoughts, Emotions, Love!

And Passion For The World Of Magical Fantasy I Proudly Call My Own!!!

The Moment You Realise Death Is An Illusion, Will Be The Moment You Start Living.

...Death... Posted on Sat, October 21, 2017 16:08:55

Don’t let anything stop you to live your life!

Death Is An Illusion. But So Is Life. Create Wisely. The Thing That Is Consistently And Real Lies In Between. You Can Call It Transformation…

...Death... Posted on Sat, October 21, 2017 15:43:34


To Die Will Be Your Last Lesson In This Life. For The One’s You Left Behind Perhabs It Is The First.

...Death... Posted on Mon, May 16, 2016 14:50:14


You Will Never Stop Learning, The Last Lesson You’ll Learn In This Life, Is How It Is To Die.

...Death... Posted on Mon, May 16, 2016 14:47:45


You Are Not Born To Die, But To Leave Something Behind.

...Death... Posted on Thu, October 29, 2015 01:29:06