Live life the way you want it, enjoy every day.
But every now and then, put yourself and your ego aside,
and empathize with others!

The human race thinks to be Divine, driven by his own inventions.
They think you can decide between life and death.
And yet death comes unexpectedly,
even if you make an appointment!

You are here for a reason a purpose,
everyone and everything is interconnected.
Do not be afraid to learn, everybody is already perfectly born!
There are no mistakes. Only better choices. Remember that!
Find your purpose!

Find balance in your life, strive!
Balance is give and take, sadness and joy.
Saying yes and no, but also forgive, let go and move on!

Don’t dwell in the past.
Live in the now.
And look forward.

To forget is not always possible, but remember this then;
It has made you who you are this moment in time.
And in this moment in time are 2 important questions for you;
Dit it put you in balance? What have you learned from it?

Once you’ve learned the right lesson from a past experience,
you can let it go! If you can not, talk to someone about it!
But really open up your heart and mind, so talk to somebody you can completely open up to.

We are social beings having an earthly exprerience.

Our bodys are made of stardust. But so is mother-earth.
Nature is out of balance in this moment of time.
Humans are destroying nature.

Balance doesn’t come naturally, it’s hard work.
Please, help the earth getting back in balance.
We are losing so much life forms!
Once living in balance,
you are “truly alive” and living it!
Heal the world and let the earth feel our love!

Before your time, many people have lived and died.
However, few people where “truly alive”.

How can you experience joy,
if you have “known” no sorrow?
How can you experience sorrow,
if you have “known” no joy?

How can you experience joy,
if you ONLY have known sorrow?
How can you experience sorrow,
if you ONLY have known joy?

How can you exprerience the world,
if you are living in your own?

Open up, learn and find your own thruth.
Do not live in the past, but in the present and see the future!

Thruth is being “truly alive”! Get the max out of it!
Use your mental energy,
which is stronger you may think!

The only way to feel happy,
is being able to experience self- love.
But balance is inextricably linked.

Being happy is a state of mind.
You exprerience it as a feeling.
Thought is first, not your feelings!

Here’s a thought of mine:
You Are Not Born To Die,
But To Leave Something Behind.

Have you ever thought about dying?
It would be the last lesson you’ll learn in this lifetime.

Eventually the time comes,
your life on earth is coming to an end.
At that time you think about your life,
and the things you wanted to do different.

But don’t you rather think at that time of tranformation,
what you have acomplished and learned in your life?

The things you leave behind?
The energie you leave behind?
The wisdom you leave behind?
The love you gave others?
The love you gave yourself?
The thruth you gave yourself and others?
Was I truly alive?

If you where you can tell your ancestors,
that you got the max out of it.

You can tell that YOU where “truly alive”.

Musician Bob Marley thought with music,
he could inject people with love,
violence and wars would cease to exist.

A noble aim, wich unfortunately didn’t manifested in this reality.
Or did it, and is something missing?

If it did,
what is the missing ingredient in this reality?

Could it be balance?

Could it be thruth?

Could it be more love?

Could it be more love for eachother?

Is it because people judge before they think?

Is it because people think before they feel?

Or is it because people feel before they think?

Anyway, what I am trying to say,
is open up your heart. Listen to her. She knows.

We know love is all around us.

Why can’t you see?
Look with just one eye.
Instead of two or three.